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Weaving sustainability, art and economics together to create impactful stories & experiences.

Waggs The Artist

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Waggs The Artist: Portfolio




I am an empath and environmentalist, who is passionate about sustainable development. I have a background in environmental economics, and love to teach people the importance of investing to build generational wealth & protect the environment. I have always valued art in all its forms (music, dance, theatre, digital, fine art, etc.) and used it as a form of self expression. That is how my illustration page was born. 

COVID hit & being restricted to my apartment I found adventure in creating art. My illustration page shifted the way I thought about my relationship with art from "this is something I do as a hobby" to "this is something I do to create impact and tell stories". 

Illustration gives me a unique avenue to advance my love for people and the environment by giving me the ability to tell impactful stories that promote diversity (especially Black womxn) and the Earth (I love plants). Visual storytelling lies in the cross section between creativity, innovation and impact, that I think can pave a colourful road to change. My vision is to build my brand to create books, card games, infographics that break down complex issues or communicate innovative solutions to issues faced by women/the environment. 



Minimal Illustration

Portrait with a single colour background. Minimal details across face, & clothes.


Detailed Illustration

Portrait or plant illustration with detailed shading and features. 
NB: Level of detail is dictated by quality of photo 



Starting rate for project based commissions. Quotes will be given on a project basis based on scope, timeline & complexity.

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